We Are A L I D A

Jay Chyung

Jay Chyung

COO & Managing Partner

Industry Impact

Partnered with and served 60 brands on 40+ healthcare projects, impacting 100M+ lives, ranging from start-ups and corporate ventures to Fortune 100 companies.

Modeling Innovator

Created 10 advanced analytics models using novel data science methods for Fortune 100 companies, Blue plans, and (core to the analytical layers of) two startups and a public company. Models served hundreds of clients, impacting ~$1B in contract revenues.

Breakthrough Solutions

Novel Approach contributed to resolving paradox in Alzheimer’s disease research known as the spatial paradox.

  • COO, CIO, healthcare intelligence company, 10xHealth
  • Corp. Medical Director & Head of Analytics, Healthways
  • Management Consultant, BCG, Recon Strategy
  • Gold Medal BCG, USA Best Strategy Case
  • Model shared with global CEOs at World Economic Forum
  • Hoopes Prize, Harvard University
  • MD, PhD Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School
  • AB Biochemical Sciences, Harvard College
Bill Sequeir

Bill Sequeira

CEO & Managing Partner

Visionary Technology Architect

First digital video server (AT&T Bell Laboratories); first commercial ITV system (Sybase); first industry Media Control API Disney/Americast); 20 technology atents.

Commercial Success

ACDSee, 20M+ licenses worldwide, Top 100 Technology Products. Product of the Year & People’s Choice awards; AT&T Star Server E, rated enterprise best SMP; Sybase Intermedia Server, most adopted ITV platform.

Venture Value Creation

SONY Playstation Group, M&A $380M tech evaluation; SONY, Silicon Valley venture investing $500M+ ROI; Organic Online, pre-IPO team (acquired by Omnicom); Medsn, $25M funding (acquired by Indigene).

  • COO global public technology company, ACD Systems
  • Managing Director Technology Strategy, SONY JP
  • CTO healthcare data intelligence company, 10xHealth
  • CTO Organic Online, Medsn
  • Architect — AT&T Bell Labs, Sybase, Americast (Disney)
  • Deloitte Fast 50 Companies, ACD Systems
  • MD, PhD Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School
  • PhD, MSc Computer Science, University of Kansas
  • BSc Informatics, Universidad de Costa Rica