The Science of Data

Assess your
data technology &
create a roadmap
Solve tough
data technology
Deploy tools
& services for
immediate use

The Gaping Hole: Useful Data

Useful data is easy to ask for …. but hard to create. It requires a
deep understanding of data science, a breadth of real-world data
technology experience and a modern service architecture to bring
it all together.

The Way Out: Our New Methods

We combine multi-disciplinary know-how and
tough problem solving skills with advanced
modeling and R&D expertise.

The result?

Breakthrough methods to create useful data.

We Are A L I D A

Bill Sequeira


CEO new ventures.
COO public technology company.
CTO healthcare & technology companies.

ACD, SONY, Sybase, Americast/Disney,
Organic Online, AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Technology firsts, award-winning products.

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Jay Chyung


COO & CIO new ventures.
Medical Director, Analytics Head, public

BCG, Healthways, Recon Strategy serving
Fortune 100 brands. Award-winning
models, industry-leading predictive

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Team Experience Quantified

$2B+ Revenue Impact

100+ Top Brands

120M+ Lives

20 Tech Patents

Data Technology Solutions

Case Studies

New Corporate Venture Business Case

A healthcare company wanted to launch a disruptive information service business based on the relationship between consumer brands and consumer well-being.


Data Technology Platform Development

A technology startup wanted a data platform to help health insurers achieve a deep understanding of their consumers while accelerating their ability to respond to changing market conditions.


Enhanced Existing Data Service

A health insurer wanted to improve their business processing of dozens of data feeds that had to be analyzed, interpreted and delivered back to their stakeholders for a national program.


Data Technology Evaluation

A technology company was acquiring a data technology company and wanted to understand strengths & weaknesses, identify red flags, identify talent and develop an integration roadmap.

Our Approach to Data Technology

Data technology that fits in your business.
  • Leverage your data assets, core technologies and IT environments by applying state-of-the-art data technology architecture, methods and tools to enhance your data flows.
  • Transform diverse and complex data assets into integrated data services, purpose-built for your business operations and use cases, fast.
  • Combine multiple disciplines with data technology to produce breakthrough results, including mathematics, distributed cloud computing, concurrency modeling, simulation, neural networks, bots, social media, mobility, geolocation, data visualization, AI, security and more.

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